MassageWave™️ - Mini Percussive Massage Device
MassageWave™️ - Mini Percussive Massage Device
MassageWave™️ - Mini Percussive Massage Device
MassageWave™️ - Mini Percussive Massage Device
MassageWave™️ - Mini Percussive Massage Device
MassageWave™️ - Mini Percussive Massage Device

MassageWave™️ - Mini Percussive Massage Device

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The only recovery tool you will ever need! Immediately and effectively reduce muscle soreness, increase blood flow, and loosen up tight muscles.


✅ Reduced recovery time

✅ Increased blood flow

✅ Clears lactic acid

✅ Releases muscle knots

✅ Breaks down scar tissue

✅ Increased range of motion


This MINI Massage Gun weighs the same as a mobile phone, so it is easy to bring ANYWHERE. Perfect for traveling or fitting in your gym bag, since it is smaller than a traditional massage gun but without sacrificing effectiveness.



✔️ Includes 4 different massage heads.

✔️Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain and increase blood circulation.

✔️ 4-speed adjustments

✔️ Vibration principle hammering style, strong power to massage muscles.

✔️ Brushless motor technology brings more stable and comfortable experience.

✔️ 2000mha large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, 5 hours standby.

✔️ High frequency vibration, dissipation of fatigue, deep massage, relaxation of muscles, alleviate pain.

✔️ Customized ergonomic massage heads can provide comfortable massage experience while reducing the damage to bones and collaterals.

✔️ The device allows the user to directly target areas of soreness and reduce pain, whilst also reducing recovery time, making it an essential product for any athlete.

✔️ Adjust the frequencies according to the purpose, for warming up, soreness relief, injured muscles, muscle pain and activation, tightness relief; increase to higher speeds for larger and stronger muscle groups.

✔️Has safety protection devices such as over protection and overheat protection.



 Actual Massage Gun trusted and used by Professional Athletes!

      • Powerful and quiet technology, athletes at every level are obsessed with this device. This gun allows you to recover INSTANTLY by increasing blood flow throughout your body, which clears metabolic waste and drives the nutrients into your muscles



 Rated Number ONE Best massage gun on the market!

      • With 4 speed settings, and 4 different massage heads it makes it so easy to relive soreness anywhere on your body. Stiffness and aches are no longer an issue after only a few minutes of use.


Portable and light-weight!

      •  Bring this device anywhere you go whether to the gym, at home, or even work! Improve your blood circulation and relieve pains anytime, anywhere.

    • LIGHT & PORTABLE: Only 0.8lb weight mini massage gun, it is similar in size to a mobile phone, and you can put it in your handbag or pocket, and use it at the home, office or outdoor.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL MASSAGE GUN: 4 heads and 4-speed levels to provide different treatment for every muscle group, reaching 7.5mm deep to massage away the discomfort in muscles.
    • CONVENIENT USB CHARGING: Equipped with a USB cable, easy to recharge anytime and anywhere, and 2000mAh capacity can last for about 5 hours after fully charged.
    • ULTRA-SILENT: Latest noise reduction technology to reduce the noise of the massage gun, and the sounds are less than 45db.
    • EASY TO USE: Long press the power button to turn on or off and short press to shift the speed mode.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Brooklyn Bosco

    Good quality. no too big,but not too strong as well

    Jammie Dicki

    'S compact and insanely powerful and uke which is good ~ とどく also with はやかっ

    Marisol Pfannerstill

    Very good.

    Afton Ziemann

    Best the device. Am very satisfied and looks awesome. Very fast delivery in Switzerland, 13 days. Highly recommended. Best then

    Alexandria Okuneva

    Thanks for the fast delivery. All Super